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Welcome to Artists of the First Sunrise

AFS is an innovative documentary film, international education, heritage preservation, and cultural revitalization project by and for indigenous artists and communities of Australia.

Who We Are

AFS is a diverse, collaborative partnership of artists, photographers and filmmakers, educators, heritage specialists, and other professionals from around the world.

Project Vision

AFS is a cross-cultural collaboration of indigenous and non-indigenous participants, our work is independent, community-driven, and adheres to indigenous perspectives and cultural protocols. One hundred percent of proceeds from the project are returned to indigenous artists and participants, for the empowerment of their communities.

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Documentary Film

The heart of Artists of the First Sunrise is a feature-length film exploring the lives and creativity of Aboriginal artists in responding to historical and contemporary challenges.

Cultural Preservation

Our work is helping conserve and celebrate the highly diverse intangible and material cultures of Aboriginal communities through digital and on-the-ground cultural preservation efforts.

Education & Advocacy

The project is developing discussion media for groups, a coordinated advocacy and awareness campaign, and a full educational curriculum for secondary students.

Community Building

Our local partners are using AFS and its proceeds to sustainably invest in and revitalize Aboriginal communities and cultural organizations according to their own needs.

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Discover the Film

Check out the film trailer to get a feel for Artists of the First Sunrise.

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We Need Your Support

AFS is an active project, and you can make a lasting impact in our work. Contact the partners, make a donation, or lend a hand today.

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Indigenous Australians, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, are the original inhabitants and traditional landowners of Australia. We respectfully acknowledge their country and custodians. Artists of the First Sunrise producers and all associated with the project thank and acknowledge these traditional land owners and all those interviewed/photographed on their respective lands, as well as express our gratitude for their contributions and roles in the development and sharing of cultural stories and images.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be aware that this documentary, website, and accompanying materials may contain images or names of people who have since passed away.

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