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Artists of the First Sunrise is fiscally sponsored by Open Hand Studios, a registered US 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. This means individual donations made to the project are deductible for US federal income tax purposes as provided under the Internal Revenue Code. Donors should consult their own tax advisor regarding the specific deductibility of their contributions.

Open Hand uses JustGive for online transactions, the most efficient and secure nonprofit provider; just choose “AFS” in the JustGive online donation form’s Program list to earmark your gift. Thanks for your support!

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If you’d prefer to send a donation by post, it can be addressed here:

Open Hand Studios NFP
5061 N. Kenmore Ave. #3
Chicago, Illinois 60640-7683

Fundraising Strategy

Project collaborators are seeking grants and funding through crowdfunding, a grants campaign targeted at federal, state, county, and city governments, as well as from foundations, nonprofits, film societies, advocacy groups and community groups.

Artists of the First Sunrise has also received in-kind support from dedicated individuals assigned to key creative positions of the production. The documentary is powered by in-kind donations of materials, space, travel, accommodations, and consulting or staff time.

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